You've never really heard your speakers.

Introducing the Airspeed 2 x 12 PPDspeaker cabinet. Designed and custom-built in the USA, with a focus on innovative design, expert craftsmanship, stunning elegance, and stellar audio quality. Our cabinet is like nothing you've ever heard. We put the best speakers available in our cabinets which acurately represent the greatest speakers from the late 60's and 70's.

Our Patent Pending Performance Projection Design system lets you hear your speakers at their best for the first time. By angling the speaker baffle back 15 degrees, you now hear sound on-axis instead of off-axis. This subtle change makes a monumental difference and allows you to hear the most accurate representation of your tone.

Lastly, you can pick from several gorgeous exotic wood or carbon fiber panels of your choosing so that you can personalize the look of your speaker cabinet to fit your style.

Starting at $1,799


Baltic Birch cabinetry along with the highest quality vintage ASW speakers give you the absolute best vintage tone speaker cabinet on the market today...and you're listening on-axis.


Our PPD™ System allows for the speakers to be tilted back 15 degrees inside the cabinet for maximum sound projection. The sound hits you in the chest rather than the ankles.



Our goal is to deliver the best quality innovative speaker cabinet on the market today. Every Airspeed cabinet is engineered and built in the USA.

"Working for the biggest rockstars in the world, you'd think I've heard it all. Well I have, but every now and then something comes along that changes the narrative.

Within seconds, I knew this speaker cabinet was special. The 15° tilt of the speakers inside the cabinet is amazing. This cabinet is simply magical.

Any amplifier I plug into this cabinet sounds amazing. Hearing my tone on-axis is truly a game changer. It's just super sweet and so so tasty."

Trace Foster
Musician and guitar tech to the biggest rock bands in history


This is your sound, your tone - an extension of who you are. The look of your Airspeed speaker cabinet needs to reflect your personality and musical identity. We know how personal the experience of playing guitar is, and it's why we give you an exclusive selection of exotic wood trims to choose from in customizing your cabinet. We think your gear should reflect who you are and what moves you.

NEW! We've added carbon fiber panels to the mix! They look stunning. They amp is now ready for the paddock at any F1 race.

Swamp ash is found in the U.S. and Canada. It's known for its ability to yield sweet mid to high treble tones when using it for guitar bodies and necks. It also has warm yellow and tan rings that are very pronounced. The grain is distinct and irregular producing a wonderful finish.

Osage Orange ranges from golden to bright yellow in color, and almost always ages over time to a darker medium brown, primarily owing to exposure to UV light. Osage Orange is extremely durable, in spite of its mellowing color tendencies.

Butternut is a light wood. The lumber produced by Butternut trees can have some irregular, but visually-striking, grain patterns. Found throughout the Eastern United States, Butternut’s pleasant light tan coloration has a gorgeous pastel look, and certain selections can exhibit a pink or reddish tint.

African Rosewood is in the same genus species as Bubinga. The grain is generally straight but can be interlocked. Its texture is moderately fine. The heartwood color ranges from pink to reddish-brown, with purple or red streaks. The finish is rich, with a sheen that resembles the finest chocolate.

Redheart is characterized by a reddish base color that ranges from dull pink right up to rich, deep hues of red (with streaks and highlights diverse in colors from darker reds to yellows, oranges and even occasional purples). Grains range from irregular to wild, often with beautifully dramatic effect.

Cocobolo is one of the finest and most beautifully figured woods in the world. A very hard species, it is incredibly striking visually and exhibits brilliant colors with amazing black stripes. Oranges, reds, browns and blacks all swirl uniquely together as a trademark of this fantastic wood.

Carbon fiber is a strong, stiff, lightweight material that has the potential to replace steel and is popularly used in specialized, high-performance products like aircraft, race cars and sporting equipment...and now guitar amps! It also looks futuristic and really gives a product that hi-tech look.


The crunch and boost channels instantly remind you of the tight driving tone of Angus Young, the evocative sounds of Eddie Van Halen, and masterful range and overdrive of Jimi Hendrix.

Switch over to the FM-50’s clean channel and your tone gives way to sweet crisp highs, warm mids and solid lows reminiscent of Mark Knopfler, Eric Johnson and Eric Clapton. Add some sweet tube reverb and you're back in the years when classic rock was king.


What makes an Airspeed amp different? It's called Circuit-to-Speaker™ technology. Anyone who knows guitar amps knows that the speaker is the single most important component in the tone chain.

The Airspeed FM-50 amp has independent channel outputs for different speaker cabinets that guessed it...different speakers that you choose for each channel. That's the only way to get true vintage clean and crunch out of one Amplifier system.


Custom made in the USA. Hand built with pride, care and a sense of purpose. Our goal is to deliver the best quality amp on the market today. We engineered the amp in the USA, we build it in the USA and we use the best components to get the truest tone.

Everything on the Airspeed FM-50 is first class. From the engineering to the final assembly. The FM-50 is a feature rich amp which looks gorgeous, sounds amazing and is built like a the USA.


Unleash your spirit by customizing your amp with these exotic woods.