Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy
Some items in our store may be offered to you as a pre-order or custom order. This cancellation policy details how you can cancel these kinds of purchases.

Pre-orders or Custom Orders
When you purchase a product that is a custom configured product, for which we build and assemble the system per your configuration, you are purchasing a Custom Order product. We may collect full payment (at your choice) or a partial deposit (your choice) at checkout. We may collect either payment automatically, or manually over the phone. We will store your payment method, then fulfill and charge the full or remaining payment at a future date prior to shipping your product. We may be able to ship your product sooner than anticipated or we may have to ship it later than the estimated ship date. We recommend you do not change your payment method as it might create a delay in receiving your product(s). If you'd like to change the payment method for the remaining balance, you must contact us AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE PRIOR TO THE ESTIMATED SHIP DATE, so that we can accommodate you.

You can cancel a fully paid or partially paid pre-order order or custom order that has not yet been fulfilled, subject to the rules explained further below. If the order has been shipped, then you can't cancel the order, but you can request a return, per our Return Policy. See our return policy for more details on returns and refunds.

Cancellation Rules
If you must cancel your order prior to shipping, the following rules apply:

  1. Full Refund. You must cancel your order within 48 hours of placing the order in order to get a full refund on the purchase amount or deposit amount paid. YOU MUST CALL US at 800-496-0721 to cancel your order for a full refund.
  2. Partial Refund. After 48 hours and before 10 days after the order placement date, you can cancel your order for a cancelation fee of 3% of the total order price, regardless of what was paid when you place the order.
  3. NO CANCELATION. After 10 days of ordering your product(s), you cannot cancel your order. Refusing to pay any final payment owed, including shipping & handling charges will automatically result in the forfeiture of your initial deposit or 50% of the total amount of the order, whichever is greater.

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